RPG Battles: The Card Game received its first gaming review! Vince from “Dad’s Gaming Addiction” did both a written review as well as a video overview of the beta version of the game.

Not only do we feel the review was thorough and fair, we’ve already incorporated some of Vince’s feedback into the game. Reviews by professionals like Vince at Dad’s Gaming Addiction are extremely helpful during the final stages of developing a game, and we’re grateful that Vince took the time to consolidate his experience for everyone else to read and view.

The video overview is linked below:

In addition to the video overview that Dad’s Gaming Addiction compiled, Vince also wrote out a detailed review at the link below. We encourage you to read the review as Vince captured the essence of what RPG Battles: The Card Game is all about. If you’re a skimmer, though, the following is a quote from Vince’s summation of the game:

…the game could appeal to both the super casual and casual to moderate player, depending on how many optional mechanics they want to add to their play session. As it stands it’s light and easy on the eyes, making it an ideal travel game or a very quick filler in between longer play sessions. The quality of my prototype was superb and if the final production copy turned out to be just as good then I’d totally recommend it at a fair price.

Link to full review: https://www.dadsgamingaddiction.com/rpg-battles-the-card-game-preview/