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A fantasy combat card game for 2-6 players.


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RPG Battles: The Card Game
It’s a fast, fun, easy-to-learn cards, dice & strategy game suitable for 2-6 players.

The card game is fast and easy to play! Learn the rules in just three minutes, and complete the game in 15-20 minutes. Use cards, dice, and strategy to equip your character, snag the loot, and outlast your opponents.



We’ve been reviewed by multiple gaming sites for playability. Check them out! Both “Unfiltered Gamer” and “Dad’s Gaming Addiction,” featuring a video review embedded below. For the full written review, click here.

“RPG Battles scratches my itch for role-playing, but without all the work of dreaming up adventures and characters. It’s a fast way to fight beasts and live to tell the tale.”

Kevin D.

“Between career, school, and friends who’ve moved, it’s hard to find the time and players to adventure. But I can play RPG Battles with 1-2 friends at any time. It’s off-the-shelf fun!”

David C.

“LOL, RPG Battles is a ‘gateway game’ to role-playing. It got me hooked on combat, taught me a streamlined set of rules to get started, and I learn more each time I play.”

Amber M.


Fun In Mind

RPG Battles: The Card Game


Fun In Mind



This hideous purple creature walks upright like a man, but its face is that of a spider, and its hands are sickle-shaped claws. Ettercap often use monstrous spiders as lookouts and guardians.


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RPG Card Games

RPG card games are a great way to be social, gathering to play cooperative or competitive games where everyone plays together, instead of staring at a screen. The problem is that many roleplaying games require extensive investment in rulebooks and supplies — not to mention finding a GM who is willing to invest hours into preparing a gaming session.

Have to fear, RPG Battles to the rescue! RPG Battles eliminates the hours of preparation that is typical of a role playing game. Simple to learn (it takes the average teen only 3-5 minutes to learn the rules), this RPG card game is perfect as a filler session before your regular roleplaying game session; or as a gateway roleplaying game to teach those who have been roleplaying curious the basic concepts of the world’s most famous role playing game.

As a genre, RPG Battles is not alone: there are many role playing card games to choose from. For example, Royal Blood, Zombie World, and even Gloomhaven are other examples of how the rpg card game genre has exploded over the last several years. Of all of the examples, however, RPG Battles is directly based on the same game mechanics that power most role playing games: the d20 game ruleset.

If you’ve been curious about role playing games but were afraid of the commitment needed to learn 564 pages of rules, or if you remember playing role playing games back in the day, RPG Battles is a great gateway game, or nostalgia RPG card game that gets you playing a role playing game in no time.

Role Playing Card Games

Role playing card games are a unique twist on classic 2- or 3-player card games. And RPG Battles is a great example of how easy it can be to learn how to role play with a group of friends. With a very simple rulebook that takes most teens only 3-5 minutes to learn, RPG Battles gets you up to speed on how to play a role playing card game in no time.

Role playing (also referred to as roleplaying, role-playing, or role playing), has been around for decades. One of the most famous origins of role playing is Dungeons & Dragons, which was created by Gary Gygax. Variants of tabletop role playing games include Pathfinder as well as other games. Essentially, when you play a role playing game, you take on the role of a character in a fantasy setting. Your hero is an adventurer in a strange, fantastical land, where monsters, traps and treasure await.

In RPG Battles, we’ve simplified the rules to make it easy to learn. The best part of playing a role playing card game is how easy it is to get started. There is no complicated setup or preparation needed: just open the box, read the rules in less than 3-5 minutes, and start role playing! It’s that easy. Once you get the hang of it, RPG Battles is an easy game from which to upgrade to a full-blown role playing game, like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder.

Concepts like basic combat, defense, and magic are central to role playing card games like RPG Battles. Suitable for 1-6 players, we’ve tested RPG Battles in hundreds of playtests and received accolades that range from “I have always wanted to try a role playing card game,” to “I wish someone had told me it could be this easy.” Our advice: if you’ve been curious what a role playing card game is like, look no further: RPG Battles is here to help!